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The Largest Supplier of X-Ray Markers

All-Craft Wellman manufactures X-ray markers that clearly, easily, and permanently identify your radiographs. We will work with you and your X-ray dealer to ensure that your order is filled quickly and to your exact specifications.

We are extremely proud of our dealer partners. With over 60 dealers, we have locations in the United States, Canada, Asia and UAE. To place an order, find a dealer using the locator below by entering your current zip code, city or state. 

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      Your Source for Radiology Markers


      All-Craft Wellman is committed to making the best X-ray markers in the industry. Our X-ray markers are created so that radiographs can be to simply read and understood.


      At All-Craft Wellman, we take pride in producing products that are of high quality and that show our commitment to attention to detail. We are the clear choice for selecting your X-ray lead markers for your hospital supply and industrial marker needs.

      Our X-Ray Markers


      When it comes to radiology markers and letters, we are the largest supplier and have become the industry standard. We offer six main types of radiology markers:


      • Unmounted Lead Letters – Offered in a variety of sizes and styles, these X-ray markers are the most economical means of positive X-ray identification.


      • Mounted Lead Letters – These letters and words are able to be mounted on aluminum, copper, or clear, white or black vinyl plastic, and are a more convenient method of X-ray identification. 


      • Polycarbonate Markers – By using durable red and green polycarbonate plastic, we custom engrave initials, numbers, or mammography views into the surface and then fill with a radiopaque epoxy. 


      • Mark-Clear Markers – Solid lead letters are enclosed in a laminated acrylic plastic and a durable vinyl or aluminum backing which leads to this product being our highest-quality X-ray marker.


      • Enclosed Markers – With these radiology markers, we enclose lead letters between folded aluminum and clear plastic covers to ensure durability.


      • Embedded Markers – Totally encased in a crystal-clear embedment plastic, these markers are available with an aluminum or a tough polycarbonate background.


      In order to produce high-quality, readable, radiology markers, we use high-grade alloys. In addition to our X-ray markers, we also offer storage boards, acrylic scales, cine marker paddles, flexible scales, and transparent rules to meet all of your hospital supply and industrial needs.


      Check out our catalog for more information on all of our products, along with examples of our lettering and characters.

      Mounted and Unmounted Characters


      When it comes to choosing the characters for your lead markers for radiology, we have a variety of options to choose from. For our mounted and unmounted lead letters, you can customize them with different styles and sizes. Our letters are created to be clear and distinct, and so we use a process that eliminates large interior voids.


      We have the ability to custom mount individual characters or words on plastic, aluminum, or copper. Our special adhesive and flat backings are the perfect combination to ensure that your X-ray lead markers stay on permanently.

      Contact Us Today for X-Ray Lead Markers


      Are you looking to place an order for lead markers for radiology? Get in contact with us today or reach out to one of our 60+ dealers. We will work closely with you and your dealer to ensure that your order is filled quickly and exactly to your specifications.

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